Mumbai Internet Exchange

Mumbai IX is the Prime Internet Exchange Pop of Mumbai Convergence Hub. It is located at the 9th floor of Sigma IT Park, Rabale, Navi Mumbai. This host most of the content providers as well as networks. Our Internet Exchange Facilities are managed by dedicated and certified engineers to ensure , ensuring Operational efficiency, Quality of Work, and full accountability. Mumbai IX allows members to connect to our IX fabrics using copper or fiber depending on their speeds starting from 1G to 100G Ports.


Mumbai CH offer different port size to meet your requirement from 1G to 100G based on your requirement with or without SLA.

The price strategy, structure and policy is proposed to and agreed upon by the Advisory Board Mumbai-Convergence Hub by means of presenting a Long Term Commercial Strategy plan in the General Meeting in January every year. According to the Commercial Strategy agreed upon in the 3rd Meeting on the 29th November 2016


Mumbai Convergance Hub’s

Lifetime Membership

50,000 or $800

Other Pricing

  • With SLA
  • Without SLA





Per month ( Billed quarterly )





Per month ( Billed quarterly )





Per month ( Billed quarterly )





Per month ( Billed quarterly )





Per month ( Billed quarterly )

  • 2U Colocation is mandatory for bilateral peering with content networks and are charged at $80 PM for Hosting L2 Switch by Host Datacenter and will be billed separately.
  • Cross Connect is charged at $35 (₹2000) PM for Copper and $80 (₹5000) PM for Fiber respectively.
  • Setup Fee for Port is $150 and $700 for 1G and 10G port respectively.
  • Setup Fee for SLA is $1000. The SLA on 100G connections is available on a case by case basis.

Mumbai IX Connected Members & Peering Participants


RS Peers


Total ASN

URL As Policy
Netflix AS2906 Open
Vihaan Telecommunication Pvt. Ltd AS132923 OPEN
Skyhunt IT Park Pvt Ltd AS133718 OPEN
MFT Internet Pvt Ltd AS135253 OPEN
AllNet Broadband Network Pvt Ltd AS135724 OPEN
Zye Telecom Pvt Ltd AS58725 OPEN
****** http://www.******.com AS0 CASEBYCASE
******* http://www.******.com AS0 CASEBYCASE
******** *** http://www.***.com AS0 CASEBYCASE
Access Smart Solutions India Pvt Ltd AS133309 OPEN
Adarsh Info Solutions AS9830 OPEN
Aeroway Networks Pvt Ltd AS133297 OPEN
Akamai Technologies AS20940 OPEN
Allnet Broadband Network AS134056 OPEN
B.M.S. College Of Engineering AS133552 OPEN
Bangalore Broadband Network Private Limited AS55947 OPEN
Bhawani Cable and Broadband Services Pvt. Ltd. AS134258 OPEN
Bittel Telecom Pvt. Ltd. AS58765 OPEN
Capsule Networks Private Limited AS133658 OPEN
City Zone Infonet Pvt. Ltd. AS134899 OPEN
DDC Broadband Pvt. Ltd. AS135706 OPEN
Dwan Supports Pvt.Ltd AS133301 OPEN
Forcepoint LLC AS7598 OPEN
Gatik Business Solutions Pvt Ltd AS132559 OPEN
Gazon Communications India Ltd AS132770 OPEN
GBPS Networks Pvt Ltd. AS134000 OPEN
Go WiFi Networking Solutions Pvt Ltd AS133245 OPEN
Gramin Broadband Network Pvt Ltd AS132958 OPEN
Hathway Rajesh Multi Channel Pvt Ltd AS38507 OPEN
HiReach Broadband Pvt. Ltd AS134033 OPEN
Honesty Net Solutions (I) Pvt. Ltd. AS38457 OPEN
IKF Technolgies Ltd AS45335 OPEN (India) Ltd AS17665 OPEN
Intermedia Cable Communication Pvt. Ltd. AS134055 OPEN
Interwire Internet Services Pvt Ltd AS133286 OPEN
Jetway Broadband india private limited AS134913 OPEN
Jlink India AS134881 OPEN
JPR Digital Pvt Ltd AS132220 OPEN
Kavish Online Services Pvt Ltd AS59196 OPEN
Kerala Communicators Cable Ltd. AS58969 OPEN
Laxmi Internet Service Pvt Ltd AS134012 OPEN
Limras Eronet Broadband Services Pvt Ltd AS132556 OPEN
Max-Tech Media & Communications Pvt Ltd AS133597 OPEN
MicroInfo Technologies Pvt Ltd AS135854 OPEN
Microscan Computers Private Limited AS55352 OPEN
Neosoft International AS133295 OPEN
Net IT Infotech Pvt. Ltd AS135844 OPEN
Net OnAir Networks Private Limited AS133994 OPEN
Packet Clearing House AS3856 OPEN
Packet Clearing House AS42 OPEN
Powergrid Corporation of India Limited AS132215 OPEN
Rida Online AS132166 OPEN
Ripe NCC AS25152 OPEN
Rsbs Online Services Pvt.Ltd AS58967 OPEN
RVS Networld Pvt. Ltd AS0 OPEN
Shah Infinite Solutions Pvt Ltd AS134254 OPEN
Shree Omkar Infocom Pvt Ltd AS132137 OPEN
Softcall Cust-o-Care Pvt. Ltd. AS133720 OPEN
SRK Networks Speedmax Pvt Ltd. AS134866 OPEN
Swastik Internet and Cables Pvt Ltd AS133724 OPEN
Tripleplay Broadband Pvt Ltd AS132453 OPEN
Verisign Inc. AS26415 OPEN
Way-2-Internet Pvt. Ltd. AS134850 OPEN
Wefe Technology Private Limited AS133695 OPEN

Traffic Analysis

Only traffic from customers/member’s ports is considered (incoming and outgoing traffic). Neither traffic from backbone links nor from switches/routers is included into the overall traffic. For daily graphs, data are collected via PRTG on our switches/routers with a 5min polling and for hourly we are using 1min polling.

Mumbai IX Hourly Traffic Graph
Mumbai IX Hourly  Traffic Graph (1 Minute Average)


Mumbai IX Daily Traffic Graph (5 Minute Average) 



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